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National University of Radioelectronics

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) is one of the oldest technical Universities in Ukraine focuses on IT and engineering education with over 8,000 students including international ones. 30 scientific centers of NURE provide well-equipped environment for innovative research and development. It has National status and the highest possible level of accreditation in Ukraine.

The University was founded in 1930 and adopted the various names before final accepting its current name in 1993. In 2001 it was awarded with National status. Today, NURE is a public University located in the millionth city (the second biggest city of Ukraine) in the north-east part of the biggest country of European continent.

NURE faculties: Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering And Control, Automation And Computerized Technologies, Information And Analytical Technologies And Management, Infocommunications, Electronic And Biomedical Engineering, Information Radio Technologies And Technical Information Security.

NURE programmes:

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Software engineering

  • Computer Sciences

  • Computer engineering

  • Systems analysis

  • Cyber security

  • Economics

  • Information systems and technologies

  • Automation and the computer integrated technologies

  • Metrology and informational and measuring technique

  • Micro - and Nano systemic technique

  • Biomedical engineering

  • Electronics

  • Telecommunications and radio engineering

  • Avionics

  • Publishing and Polygraphy

Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens prepares them for the admission to NURE and other HEIs of Ukraine due to training foreign citizens in Ukrainian, Russian, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Computer Science and other subjects depending on the chosen future education programme.

Center of Distance Learning and Information Technology Center create a unique It-Space NURE, which comprehensively supports educational process providing smart access to the online learning resources and user-friendly applications for light navigation over schedule, gradebooks, ranks and official documents.

The University Library gives users the increasing access to physical and digital collections for research and learning, provides the comfortable physical learning environment with equipped co-working spaces as well as the smart remote access to the resources for 24/7. It contributes to promotion of the access to University’s research results, nationally as well as internationally.

NURE has strong research and education capabilities in computer science and especially in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, IT, media-systems, information management and security, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications.

Through the numerous international grant projects and bilateral agreements students have a wide opportunities to study and to train at many foreign universities of Austria, Czech, China, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey.

NURE is a publisher of 6 scientific journals and an organizer of the numerous scientific conferences including forums and contests for young researchers and professionals in various fields.

NURE together with anchor partners - IT companies provide national and international students with professional courses for gaining the advanced skills in Java, Linux, Front-End basics and Android programming. Recently established Science Park “Synergy” (member of IASP) facilitates the tight cooperation between education, research and business.

NURE could manage to establish the professional and innovative environment where the experienced teachers and practitioners train students for their future jobs in a globalised world and prepare them for competitiveness at the globalized labour-market.

NURE provides all students with comfortable accommodation. The hostel for international students is located in a walking distance of the University campus near the city center in the most prestigious and comfortable district with good transport connections, numerous supermarkets and cafes. Near this hostel there is a medical center where any student can get medical consultation and the first aid. Other hostels are located near the University also and along with the metro stations in 15 minutes of the University campus.

NURE provides wide sporting opportunities for students. For active sport life the University has an excellent sport base of European level: 2 game halls, boxing and aerobics hall, wrestling hall, football field with artificial turf, gyms, the largest chess and checkers club in Ukraine, a stadium and modern gyms in each student hostel. Students can choose any activity: badminton, boxing, basketball, sambo, powerlifting, athletics, football, mini-football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, martial arts, tourism, chess, and aerobics.

The University Career Centre provides students with places for professional training during education and supports them with seeking the future job placement after graduation as well as tracking their career growth. NURE established the Alumni Association and networked the graduates working for many well-known companies including Google, Microsoft, Boeing, CERN, Facebook, Siemens, Samsung and others.

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